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Marcela Kane Lantrip : Why Workplace Diversity Is So Important

What can inspired diversity initiatives do for the business organization? As an international tax professional with years of experience working for global and globally-minded companies, Marcela Kane Lantrip understands how invaluable a well-implemented diversity initiative can be for the organization; … Continue reading

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Marcela Kane Lantrip – Common Tax Planning Mistakes

As an international tax professional, Marcela Kane Lantrip has often been responsible for creating tax plans that help the companies she works for reduce the amount of tax that they need to pay. This is an area where many individuals … Continue reading

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Marcela Kane Lantrip – Important Lessons For Female Leaders

Marcela Kane Lantrip is a female who has ascended to a position of senior management at Halliburton. In recent years, female empowerment within the workplace has been a hot-button issue and great strides have been made to ensure equality. However, … Continue reading

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