Marcela Kane Lantrip – Important Lessons For Female Leaders

Marcela Kane Lantrip is a female who has ascended to a position of senior management at Halliburton. In recent years, female empowerment within the workplace has been a hot-button issue and great strides have been made to ensure equality. However, there are still a number of challenges that female leaders will have to face in their working lives, including all of the following.

Marcela Kane Lantrip

You May Meet Resistance

Change often brings about resistance, often by those who could be negatively affected by the change or those who feel uncomfortable with the evolution of their working lives. You must be prepared to face this resistance in a dignified and professional manner. Focus on your work to the point that its quality speaks for itself and any resisting forces will soon have no legs to stand on.

Find A Mentor

Good mentors can do enormous amounts for women in the workplace. Not only can they provide the benefits of their experience, making female leaders more capable of taking on some of the challenges that they will face, but mentors can also go to bat for their protégés in board meetings and other areas of the company, helping them to get noticed and advance in their careers.

Stand Your Ground

Marcela Kane Lantrip has established herself as a talented leader during the course of her career. Sometimes, female leaders will need to stand their grounds and show their strength to get things done, especially if they meet resistance. Be logical and explain the reasoning behind your ideas in order to demonstrate your worth to your company.

About Marcela Kane Lantrip

Marcela Kane Lantrip is an experienced tax professional with a proven record of effective international management. Presently. Marcela Kane Lantrip works as a Senior Manager of International Tax with Halliburton in Houston, Texas. Marcela Kane Lantrip reports to the Director of Tax Accounting and Risk Management, and her varied responsibilities include extensive interactions with international entities, foreign team coordination, compliance reviews, and tax management.
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