Marcela Kane Lantrip – Mentoring Goals

Marcela Kane Lantrip is an experienced international businesswoman with nearly two decades in her field. Though she specializes in tax compliance and management, Marcela Kane Lantrip is also a proponent of positive professional practices such as mentorship.

Marcela Kane Lantrip

Mentorship proponents often encourage mentors and mentees to agree on certain goals at the beginning of the relationship. Examples of such goals include…

Confidentiality – Confidentiality is critical for a trusting mentor/mentee partnership. Each participant should agree to a level of confidentiality that allows all parties to speak freely as warranted by each situation.

Honesty – Mentor/mentee relationship participants should be willing to be honest and candid about their experiences. This increases the benefit of the relationship for all parties, as it allows for critical feedback.

Mutual Benefit – Mentor/mentee relationships should be mutually beneficial for all parties, each of which committed to the relationship by choice. With goal collaboration, mentors and mentees can help each other benefit in a collaborative manner. If one party does not feel that the relationship is beneficial, the ability to be honest should allow the issue to be addressed.

Communication – Mentor/mentee relationships require both parties to listen and learn for effective communication. This improves the mutual benefits provided by the relationship, encourages honesty and allows discussion of confidential matters.

Partnership – A working partnership in a mentor/mentee relationship will allow for active collaboration that can lead to discoveries pertaining to working styles and professional aspirations.

Whether you’re experienced with mentorships, as Marcela Kane Lantrip is, or you’re new to them, outlining goals is key to making the relationship mutually beneficial.